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June 6, 2016 -- If you're not a globalist, you're a nationalist — Kenn's Law #56.

That fact was made apparent in Britain this week when a leftist loon was taken to the proverbial mat by a conservative MP (member of parliament).

Having effectively declared himself a globalist, the loon accused the MP of being a xenophobe. That, by the way, is the only logic known to liberals: "If you don't agree with me, you are a [enter pejorative of choice].

The problem, however, is the MP in question was none other than Suella Fernadnes, the daughter of immigrants. 

Referring to an immigrant as a xenophobe underscore the depth of abject stupidity to which the regressive left must stoop to make their arguments. 

Here's the exchange▼

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  1. the best way to counter the psychobabble is to say yes. im racist so what. then explain its impossible for me to be racist because lev davidovitch bronstein made it up. when they ask who is that say leon trotsky who killed 66 million, it means chase the last whitemandown.