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June 10, 2016 -- 100 years ago this would have ignited riots. Today, it's hardly noticed. 

Reports say Albert Ray Johnson, a black male, compelled his live-in girl friend to invite Rachel Rogers, 24, to their home so he could rape her. 

When Rogers arrived at the couple's home in The Village, Okla., she was dragged in by Johnson. 

Rogers was forced into a bedroom at knife point where she was raped for hours. Johnson then beat his victim with multiple objects including a trailer hitch ball, a clothes iron, a dumbbell, and a frying pan.

Johnson forced his girlfriend into a closet where she listened as Rogers was beaten to death. 

Johnson admitted to the crime and is currently being tried before a jury. He has pleaded not guilty by reason of insanity to a murder count and a intent to kill count. The murder occurred June 13, 2014.

Tell us again about our white privilege while you attempt to take away our guns. 

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  1. If PROVEN guilty with NO DOUBT whatsoever that the one found guilty is truly guilty then sentence to life at HARD labor and lousy food and no entertainment of any type. Endless labor, food that allows life to continue but nothing tasty. And televise these thugs on a special TV channel to inform others of the fate awaiting them if they commit a heinous crime.

  2. white women that deal with these creatures are playing russian roulette.

  3. and by the way bless the victims soul.

  4. This is just an example of your low IQ pavement monkey. They pray on the weak and innocent. Have you had enough white man ?