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June 21, 2016 -- One of three black males who viciously attacked a white veteran at a gas station in Washington Park, IL was sentenced to probation. 

Reports say one of the attackers poured gasoline or alcohol on their victim's face before running over him with a car. 

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Other black residents are seen casually walking past the attack without interfering. 

The attack was captured on video by a security camera on Oct. 14, 2015.

Michael Schroeder suffered a fractured skull, a severe concussion, there were head staples, convulsions, fevers and he could hardly speak, according to his family.

Had three white men attacked a black male at a gas station, poured gasoline on his face, and ran over him with a car, the national media would still be reporting the crime as evidence that white racism is epidemic in America.

Distorians would have us believe that white-on-black crimes were epidemic in America's past. In reality, the opposite is true and the epidemic of black-on-white violence has not subsided. 

• White people who address black-on-white crime are often stigmatized and stereotyped as "racists" in an effort to intimidate them to silence. 

The cultural Marxism narrative is that blacks are victims of white racism, violence, and micro-aggressions. Addressing black-on-white crime contradicts that narrative and disproves it. 

The regressive left, however, cannot disprove the proliferation of black-on-white crime. Therefore, intimidation and bullying is used to control the conversation. The outcome is a one-sided, distorted perspective of racial violence in which the regressive left is the only voice. 

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