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June 27, 2016 -- There is history. And their is revisionist history. 

Sometimes revisionism corrects fabled accounts of our human experience. Other times it distorts it. 

The solution? See the conclusion below.

Two air conditioners were stolen from a black history museum in St. Louis. A third was vandalized. 

The thieves — presumed to be black — apparently absconded the units for their copper. 

Meanwhile, inside the museum, temperatures soared to 91 degrees. 

Those with IQs north of 100 understand that wax figures don't fair well in such high temperatures 

The crime has recurred each year for five years. That also speaks to intelligence. 

The city's former fire chief, Sherman George, suggested posting a sign that reads, "Please don't steal." 

Theft-prevention cages around the air conditioners didn't work. 

Silliness abounds. George — whose likeness is memorialized at the museum in the form of a wax figure — figures the thieves can read? 

Ostensibly the museum is intended to advance the cultural Marxism notion of black victimization and white oppression. (Note there are no white history museums. Western technology displayed worldwide is one, massive white history museum. Look around you right now and tell me what you see that not invented by by white folks? Consequently, white folks must settle for Nobel Prizes.)

Here's the conclusion:

Visitors view fake wax figures and immerse themselves in the false narrative of victimization they represent. 

They are, meanwhile, immersed in 91 degrees heat; a reminder of the coarse reality of black crime that permeates African America. 

The heat inside the museum defies the bogus narrative of whites oppressing blacks. The heat is the direct result of black crime. It's symbolic of the plight of black Americans; victims of their own kind. 

• The air conditioners were the products of white innovation as are the 20 fans that move the air around. They are symbolic of black privilege; the privilege to lives in the most technologically advanced society in human history. Without Western culture, blacks would still be suffering in abject paleolithic poverty in Africa. 

And, no, the air conditioner was not invented by Frederick Jones in 1949

It was invented by Willis Carrier in 1902. 

Got air conditioning? Thank a white man. 

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