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June 1, 2016 -- The media use code terms that mean, "black neighborhoods.'

Those terms include 'urban area,' and 'disadvantaged neighborhood.'

In Chicago those terms include 'west side,' 'Harrison District,' 'city's most violent' neighborhood and 'one of the most heavily patrolled by police.'

They are all synonymous with "black neighborhood."

There were 69 shootings in Chicago's black neighborhoods during the Memorial Day weekend. 27 of the shots found victims. Another nine were shot as of early Tuesday following Memorial Day. 

Six were killed during the three-day holiday. 

The Chicago Tribune has the tone of a report from a war zone:

The breakdown from the weekend is: Three people killed and 12 people wounded Friday afternoon through early Saturday; one person killed and 24 people wounded Saturday evening through early Sunday; 13 people wounded Sunday afternoon through early Monday; and 16 people shot Monday into early Tuesday, two of them fatally.

Black neighborhoods across the nation are violent. I say that in writing and speaking. Although some privileged white liberals consider my honesty racist, they say much the same. 

Liberals, however, don't speak the truth with spoken and written words. They use those means of communication to lie and deceive. The actions of privileged white liberals, however, speak louder than their words. 

By isolating themselves in insular white segregated neighborhoods [Do you honestly believe Michael Moore lives in a black area?] the actions of privileged white liberals shout, "Black neighborhoods are dangerous! Stay away from them!"

If it's racist for me to make that observation in words spoken and written, it is racist for privileged white liberals to make that observation in their actions. 

To our knowledge, Black Lives Matter plans no rally nor memorial service to draw attention to the black lives lost over the weekend. 

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