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June 18, 2016 -- How strange that Americans busy themselves hand-wringing over Confederate icons while welcoming members of the world's bloodiest hate group into our country — by the hundreds of thousands. 

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A video emerged this week that alleges to show the actual beheading of Canadian hostage Robert Hall.

Reports say the murder transpired June 12. 

The killer is reported to be  a member of the Abu Sayyaf terror group. The murder occurred in the Philippines.

Justin Trudeau, Canada's prime minister, is encouraging Muslims to move to his country under the auspices of being refugees seeking asylum. 

Hall was 68 years old. 

In this graphic video you will see a black Muslim behead a white Christian. Does anyone besides me have a problem with this?

While Muslims are killing us in Orlando and the Philippines, treasonous American politicians are importing Muslims into our nations by tens of thousands every year. 

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Hillary Clinton intends to increase the number of "refugees" coming into the United States by 500 percent. She is willing to destroy our nation and our culture in exchange for future votes of Muslims who consistently support the Democratic party. 

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