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June 14, 2016 -- A "takeover robbery" led to the shooting death of a 70-year-old Indianapolis businessman. 

The white-haired Joseph Klein was shot multiple times, according to 

Two black males were arrested according to a June 14, 2016 news report. A third suspect — also black — was still being sought by police. 

Arrested were Kameron Martin, 27, and Corey Spurlock, 21. The third suspect, Anthony Breazil, 27, was still at large. 

The black-on-white homicide occurred in March, 2016 at the Allied Liquor Store.

Elderly white people are frequent targets of black-on-white violent crime. 

• 69-year-old Robert Anderson was fatally stabbed in his Louisiana home. 

•Jawwaad Ali, 24, was arrested in Allentown, Pennsylvania for the death of 83-year-old John Connors. The victim was found beaten and set ablaze.

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  1. Almost all the victims seem to be 50 years or older. These punks are nothing more than cowards. Arm your selves white men.protect yourselves from these asphalt apes. They are the scum of the earth.