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May 1, 2016 -- Not much has changed in our nation's black neighborhoods. 

I recall the Watts riots of 1967 and the violence that gripped America's black neighborhoods across the nation that summer. 

White liberals pretended to care. They promised government handouts and blamed society — white racism in particular — for the violence. 

Now, nearly fifty years later, the violence proliferates and prospects of improvement remain unchanged. 

Where are the white liberals? 

They are laying low in suburban white neighborhoods, far removed from the reality of black violence. They wholly ignore the day-to-day violence in our black neighborhoods; patiently waiting for that police shooting that can be exploited to further the leftist agenda. 

White liberals are, without doubt, the most racist people on earth. To white liberals, black Americans are nothing more than pawns — house Negroes — to do their bidding. 

America's black neighborhoods are characterized by blight and violence. The traditional Western family has never fully developed. Rather, most black Americans continue to live in African villages set in the United States. Their villages are typically government-funded housing. Their economies are based on illegal drug traffic and food stamps. 

As you watch the video below, take special note of the children. What will become of them? Do white liberals really care?

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  1. because there is no extortion value here
    ( the votes for money or stolen "rights" bribe thing)

  2. these are your schools now. beast of the field, white women voted this into whitehouse and go to white privilege meetings and round diversity meetings and are taught to prefer these creatures.