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May 28, 2016 -- The village doesn't seem to be doing its job raising black children. 

That is being made evident in black-majority government high schools. 

When a 15-year-old pregnant black student found herself repeatedly beaten by classmates nearly every day, her mother complained to authorities. The government agents brushed the complaint aside. 

See video below.

Violence at black-majority high schools is a common as backpacks, Air Jordans, and cussing. It's just part of the landscape. 

Objectifying black people

• The regressive left has always pretended to champion the oppressed black minority in the United States. In reality the left views black Americans as nothing more than pawns; objects to be manipulated at a whim. 

The left only cares about black violence when those acts can be manipulated to advance the false narrative that black Americans are oppressed. Black-on-black crime — including black students being routinely assaulted in government schools — is ignored. 

• While the left spins tall-tales of white-on-black violence, it's hard-pressed to cite actually occurrences. 

Consequently, it must invent them. 

For decades the left told us that lynching was an expression of black-on-white violence. The advent of the Internet coupled with access to accurate history revealed that thousands of white criminals were also lynched. The white-racist myth evaporated. 

Regressives also told us that slavery in America was indisputable evidence that blacks have been historically oppressed and whites were their oppressors. Again, access to accurate history revealed that that thousands of free black Americans owned black slave labor. Some say that, per capita, free blacks owned more black slaves than whites. Again, the myth evaporated. 

• Still, the far left continues to concoct absurd notions of racism. They exploited the deaths of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown, for example. Both were young black thugs killed in self defense. The Freddie Gray hoax further implicated regressives as con artists. 

The red-pill truth is that black-on-black violence has been epidemic in America for generations. Placing white children in the middle of the mayhem does nothing to resolve the problem.

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