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May 21, 2016 -- Paul Kersey, publisher of the edgy blog Stuff Black People Don't Like, wonders why the media are blaming streets for violent black behavior. 

His query comes in the wake of an article published by CNN which blamed "deadly streets" for the violent crime. 

Your may read Kersey's article here ►

I find it strange that deadly streets seem to be the norm in majority black neighborhoods. Apparently there is a conspiracy afloat. 

• Chemical and bacteria distribution 

Unknown to the American public — until now: The CIA and FBI contaminate water used by mobilized street cleaners with behavior modifying bacteria-laced-chemicals similar to those found in chemtrails. 

Above: Blacks attack ice cream vendor. 
What do they know that you don't?

These highly addictive bio-chemicals, called LVMs, are also clandescently distributed throughout America's black neighborhoods by agents posing as ice cream vendors who sell LVM laced treats to unwitting children to assure their addiction from the earliest possible age. 

Above: Blacks attack mailman
What do they know that you don't?

Mail delivered to black neighborhoods is treated with the LVMs prior to delivery. Mail carriers are inoculated, making them a immune to the effects of the bio-chemicals. 

• Effects of chemical distribution

Food and other products that are sold in black neighborhoods are also tainted with the highly addictive LVMs, explaining why shoplifting is a perennial problem in virtually every black neighborhood. Denizens are compelled to feed their addictions. 

The chemicals are formulated to particularly affect the nervous systems of black males ages 18 to 49. Federal agents further introduce controlled substances, such as Bath Salts like mephedrone, MDPV or methylone, to the local population. That is accomplished by federal agents posing as drug dealers. The agents enlist unwitting recruits to further penetrate the black community.

The narcotics are produced in Mexico and other Latin American countries. Their production is commissioned by the CIA. The open borders policy of the United States government that became apparent in the 1990s was expressly initiated to allow the free-flow of narcotics into black neighborhoods without the federal government being implicated or even suspected of any wrong doing. 

LVMs not only cause extremely violent, irrational, and self-destructive behavior, but lower the IQs of those affected by up to 100 points. That is, black males whose test results reveal an IQ of 70 would, without the affects of the bio-chemicals, have IQs ranging between 160 and 170. To place that in context, theoretical physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking has an IQ of about 160 and Albert Einstein's IQ was 190. That is, young black males with IQs of 100 would be more intelligent than Einstein, were it not for chemical intervention imposed by the federal government. 

The result: Streets cause black people — particularly young black males — to become extremely violent, irrational, unrestrained, and self-destructive. 

• History of chemical intervention

So why do the feds do this?

To answer that question we must scratch the surface and peer into the sordid past of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. 

In 1908 president Theodore Roosevelt, a known racist who particularly hated blacks and Indians, purposed to form a federal agency with the express purpose of keeping blacks under control. 

Roosevelt knew that American Negros were direct descendants of a vast pan-African Nubian empire that stretched from Egypt to what is now the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa. Roosevelt was also aware that this vast empire existed for millenia and was characterized by great wealth, advanced sciences, arts, and literature. 

• In the beginning

In the late 16th century the Age of Discovery was at its peak. Untouched by European imperialism, however, was the continent of Africa. The Europeans knew they were no match for the advanced technology of the Nubians and, considering the Nubian empire maintained a millenia-old policy of protectionism, purposed to 'leave the sleeping dog lie.'

In 1597 business magnates Sir Richard Grenville and Sir Humphrey Gilbert grew concerned that their tobacco empires could potentially be threatened were the Nubians to emerge from their isolationism. Western leaders around the globe shared the concern. 

As a preemptive move to protect their business holdings, the Grenville and Gilbert enlisted the help of a little known German biochemist, Ludwig von Müller, to develop a bacteria-laced chemical that could be broadly distributed throughout Africa, rendering the population of geniuses to violent and mindless morons. Hence the name of the bio-chemicals, LVMs — Ludwig von Müller.

Funded by the Knights Templar (a forerunner of the Ku Klux Klan), von Müller recruited a team of biologists who isolated themselves in a state-of-the-art (for the times) laboratory secretly hidden in a dungeon beneath a castle in what is now Romania. The site of the laboratory may have been Corvin Castle, but the actual location has never been confirmed.

The research of von Müller laid the ground work for that of Louis Pasteur more than two centuries later. Pasteur was erroneously considered the discoverer of molecular asymmetry. That milestone should be properly attributed to von Müller.

Von Müller's research, of course, required experimentation; the outcome of which was not always positive. The creatures sometimes confused as Yeti (or Big Foot) occasionally seen in northern regions across the globe are thought to be the products of Von Müller's early failures. A race of reptilians, considered by some to be space aliens, are actually the result of von Müller's experiments. 

By the 1603 von Müller's researchers had successfully formulated a bio-chemical agent that was genetically specific in its effect on Negros (though the knowledge of genetics was virtually unknown at the time), having been tested on a group of Nubians captured and delivered to the von Müller's laboratory. 

Von Müller and his researchers were astounded at the sight of incredibly intelligent, well-mannered, and sophisticated Nubians being reduced to bumbling and violent idiots; nearly identical to the savages seen trolling housing projects in American cities. The transformation occurred within hours. 

The seemingly insurmountable task of distributing the bio-chemical to the whole of Africa was assigned by England's King James under the authority of The Knights Templar to Sir Walter Raleigh, a brilliant explorer and scientists in his own right. Raleigh was also a cousin to Grenville and Gilbert. 

Because von Müller's concoction contained living bacteria, it was capable of rapid reproduction and distribution. Raleigh surreptitiously arranged for a small fleet of ships to transport von Müller's researchers and their bacterial compound to various regions in Africa where the bio-chemicals were introduced into headwaters throughout the continent assuring its distribution. 

During his expedition to Africa, Raleigh was said to have been arrested by King James and imprisoned in the Tower of London. The person arrested was actually an impostor who was released and sailed to South America, assuring Raleigh's deeds in Africa remain secret. 

It has also been reported that an airborne strain of the bio-chemical was released from Mount Kilimanjaro, though that fact has never been verified and the consequential effect has never been determined. The practice of widely distributing bacteria and chemicals to large population groups survives today as chemtrails and fluoride. 

By 1618 the effects of von Müller's bacteria had taken full effect as black Africans regressed to violent self-destruction. (That same year Raleigh was said to have been beheaded, though the person actually executed was a common criminal posing as Raleigh.) Negros literally destroyed their once great Nubian empire, reducing the most brilliant and advanced race on earth to a paleolithic existence. (It's akin to what we see in Detroit.) Evidence of their Nubian past, however, remains to those who care to seek it.  

The first introduction and distribution of LVMs was a smashing success. 

The whereabouts of Raleigh after 1618 has never been verified, but it is assumed that King James and Templars allowed him to live his last days in luxury near the Horn of Africa, the wealthy beneficiary of the spoils of his endeavors. 

• Back to Theodore Roosevelt

The problem with von Müller's concoction is that the chemicals degrade and hosts develop immunity to the bacteria. To keep the negro population in check, the chemicals must constantly be administered and new resilient strains of the bacteria must continually be developed.

Theodore Roosevelt realized that America's black population was not only becoming increasingly resistant to LVMs, but the blacks were also increasing in number. If left unchecked America — and the world — would be overwhelmed with a massive expanding Nubian population with super-human intellects. That, of course, would spell the end for Western civilization. 
Charles Joseph Bonaparte

Coordinating with the The Knights Templar and their global network of European imperialists, Roosevelt assigned U.S. Attorney General Charles Joseph Bonaparte the task of forming a bureau of investigation that would later become the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

It is no coincidence that Bonaparte was the founder of National Municipal League and ostensible advocate of black rights. Bonaparte had both access to and trust of masses of urban blacks. What's more, he had the FBI at his disposal to initiate and maintain the subjugation of black communities. 

As noted above, the federal government has devised multiple devices to perennially introduce LVMs to America's black communities. When CNN described the streets of Savannah, Georgia to be deadly, it was exactly correct. 

• If you don't believe the above nonsense, here are some other absurd notions you may find more to your liking:

Guns cause violent black crime
Racism causes violent black crime
Micro-aggressions cause violent black crime
Slavery-induced trans-generational trauma causes violent black crime
White privilege causes violent black crime

However, if you prefer to set aside myths and silly conspiracy theories, you will be forced to abdicate political correctness and defer to the reality that black-violence is innate and rooted in genetics. That is, blacks tend to be more violent than most other people groups for the same reason men tend to be more violent than women: It's a natural predisposition. 

• Objectifying blacks

America's leftist social engineers are fully aware that America's majority black neighborhoods are rife with violence. From the perspective of the political left, black violence is a positive. 

Leftists view black Americans as objects; pawns to be used and manipulated for political gain. Trayvon Martin, for example, was objectified by the radical left. Liberals have turned the death of Martin into a cause célèbre.  The regressive left objectifies all black Americans, exploiting their dilemma to advance cultural and economic Marxism. The radical left does not truly care for the well being of black Americans beyond that which can be exploited. 

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