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May 28, 2016 -- I call them 'Trumpophobes."

They are the hate-spewing, saliva-spitting maggots that create havoc at Donald Trump rallies. 

Oddly, Trumpophobes express their hatred by accusing their victims of being hateful. 

Trump supporters were forced to walk through a gauntlet of screaming leftists. Besides shouting obscenities, the Trumpophobes chanted, "Get your hate  out of my face!"

Does that make sense?

The Trumopophobes were the haters who were getting in the faces of their victims. 

Why the hypocrisy?

Karl Marx told his followers to accuse their enemies of what they do. 

Obeying the Marxist directive, Trumophobic haters accuse Trump supporters of hate; of doing what they do. 

To place this in context, watch the video below. Then, imagine transgendered people (all twelve of them) being forced to walk a gauntlet of hundreds of conservatives shouting obscenities. That of course will never happen because conservatives are simply not as hateful as the thugs seen in the video. 

In one instance a group of East Asian patriots are harassed by a screeching Hispanic woman who spits on one of her victims. The woman is seen accusing her victims of being "ignorant."

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