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May 25, 2016 -- Are you a man who needs cash? 

Here's an idea: Declare yourself to be a woman. If anyone at your workplace complains, you can take legal action. 

See video below.

With a little persistence, luck, and the hot air of Hillary in your sail, you may be able to convince your employers to hand over a $60,000 sex discrimination settlement. 

Reports say a female teacher in Oregon decided to be a man. When her co-workers were less than enthused with cooperating with her new identity, she turned to a lawyer. 

What's up with that? You ask.

Cultural Marxism thrives by exploiting and objectifying oppressed classes of people. The problem is: In the United States where most everyone is prosperous and civil rights laws have been in place for decades, it becoming more of a challenge for the lunatic left to find victims to feed upon. 

Their solution: Home grown victims. 

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