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May 23, 2016 -- Leftism views white people as superior to other races and, as such, believes they have an unfair advantage.

The left considers white people to be superior in both intelligence and innovation. 

This superiority creates a disparity of wealth. That is, the supremacy of the white race — from the perspective of the far left — is made evident by that fact that white people tend to be wealthier than most other people groups. 

Marxism considers this disparity of wealth between white people and most other ethnic groups to be anathema: The ultimate injustice is for one people group to possess more wealth than other groups. 

To remove this disparity the far left has purposed to displace white cultures. 

To this end the left encourages mass immigration of non-whites into geographical areas dominated by whites. This is seen in the United States and Canada where non-white Latinos have been allowed virtually unrestrained entry into those nations. The effort is also seen in Western Europe where millions of Third-world Middle Easterners and sub-Saharan Africans have entered those regions ostensibly as 'refugees.'

Once the non-white invaders enter these geographical areas, they permanently colonize themselves. They will not leave. 

What's more, Middle Easterners who have invaded Europe — most of whom are Muslims — tend to have a much higher birth rate than the native white populations.

For example: In 2015 about 90,000 Muslim 'refugees' took up residence in Austria. These invaders are the equivalent of about one percent of Austria's population. 

Without considering the thousands of non-white Muslims already in Austria, ten percent of that nation's population would be non-white Muslims within ten years if the invasion rate continues at one percent per year. 

Though a minority, Muslims would tip the balance of power in Austria away from nationalists and firmly in the grips of globalists. 

Consider that Muslims in Europe reportedly produce about 4 children per woman. At that rate of reproduction, the Muslim population will double in one generation. During that same period the birth rate among white Europeans is reportedly less than 2 children per woman. While the Muslim population will be doubling every generation, the white population will be decreasing. What's more, white women are encouraged to mate with non-white males, further decreasing the white population. 

The underlying problem is leftism's firmly held belief in white supremacy its presumption that white supremacy manifests itself as economic injustice. 

The problem should be apparent. 

If white people are intelligent innovators, their demise will have have dire ramifications on the world's population. The people group that invented the light bulb, airplane, and automobile will be displaced by people groups with an average IQ of about 85. 

This displacement group will not only invent nothing; it will be incapable of maintaining what Western culture has already created. 

Consider, for example, that white people invented a vaccine for Small Pox and providing the technology to contain the Ebola virus. White Canadians discovered the treatment of diabetes, saving countless lives; millions of whom are non-white. White people developed advanced healthcare technologies that enhance the lives of virtually every human. Those technologies range from the development of aspirin to successful heart transplants. 

What's more, white people devised advanced food production technologies that currently feed the world. 

Once Western culture is displaced, those technologies will abruptly disappear. The world's population will begin to decline as healthcare and food production wane. 

Is that what leftism wants to happen?

In fact, it is. 

The first objective of leftism as etched in on the Georgia Guidestones is, "Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature."

Considering the world's population is nearing 7,500,000,000, the intent of the far left is to eliminate 7 billion humans. 

This objective cannot be obtained as long as Western innovation continues to provide advanced health care and food production. The far left cannot embark upon the destruction of 7 billion humans until, it first, overwhelms the white innovators. 

It is to that end that the United States, Canada, and Western Europe are being colonized with non-white invaders with, on an average, IQs of about 85. 

Those who oppose stage one of the destruction of humanity are stereotyped as racist, xenophobes, and other pejoratives. 

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