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May 21, 2016 -- Here's an earth-shattering, sky-is-falling report from Goldman Sachs economist Jim O’Neill.

'Superbugs' — bacteria resistant to anti-bacterial treatments — may become the world's leading health concern in a matter of years. Superbugs are emerging as bacteria is becoming immune to common antibiotics. 

Minor infections could become critical life threatening events. 

One person could die every three seconds, the report concluded; most of them in Third World or emerging nations. 

Because the media maintains a globalist agenda and fills our minds with absurd notions such as global warming, it's difficult to discern genuine health risks with left-wing, climate-change type hoaxes. 

The regressive left commonly uses crisis — real, imagined, or exaggerated — to forward their agenda. 

• Recall that regressives used a tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina as a pretext to demonize the Confederate flag and remove icons of Southern heritage.

• The left occasionally exploits school shootings to press for restrictions on Second Amendment rights.  

• The left exaggerates self-defense shootings — such as those involving Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown — to advance anti-white racism and attack police. 

• The threat of an impending super bug could be used by the globalists and Marxist to press for the universal right to health care. 

 It could also be used by globalists to nudge Third-world populations to seek refuge in Western nations. 

Media warnings of global crisis should always be met with suspicion as globalist regularly concoct believable hoaxes to justify globalization. 

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