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May 7, 2016 -- White people place principles above skin color, according to Stefan Molyneux.

However, In any conflict when one group has a strong in-group preference and the other doesn't, the in-group preference group will win. 

Regions in the United Kingdom most opposed to Donald Trump visiting their country were mostly Muslim. 

Molyneux asks, What percentage of Muslims do you think voted for the Muslim mayoral candidate in London?

That, he explains, is an example of in-group preference winning.

Imagine a soccer game in which the M team passes only to the M team. The C team, however, passes both to the C team and the M team; even giving preference to the M team. 

'Us good, them bad' is a universal trait among all people groups except white people who think, 'Us bad, them good.'

Molyneux says he planned to visit Greece and Ireland, but the he can't. Those cultures no longer exist. What's more he can never go back to his home in London. 

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  1. Everyday the Left in is control is another day of decay. Gibbons wrote the Fall of the Roman Empire. I don't think there will be a surviving country to write about America. So, we better cowboy up and turn off the TV and iPad.