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May 24, 2016 -- Televangelist Pat Robertson has a controversial approach to drug addiction: Let the addicts starve to death. 

See video below.

Robertson's view may not be as contentious as it sounds. We'll let you decided after watching the video. 

Apparently there are some people who are unwilling to work. Their laziness is enabled by government welfare and private charities that feed them. 

However, not all drug addicts are lazy. 

Evangelical Christians often fail to grasp the accurate directive of biblical principles. In this case Christians may confuse mental disorders for laziness. 

Some people cannot work due to physical liabilities. Others can't work due to mental illnesses. It's not that they are unwilling to work, but that they CANNOT work. 

The conflict arises because because many evangelicals attribute mental disorders to spiritual causes. Some Christians, for example, believe depression is an expression of lack of faith in God. If the depressed person would learn to trust God, they say, the depression would be resolved. 

In reality mental illnesses are usually physiological in origin, not spiritual. 

Christians often default to a passage that teachers 'all thing pass away and all things become new' when an individual gets 'saved'. Mental illnesses, they contend, are among the old things that will pass away. 

To grasp the folly of such thinking: Image a ten year old whose arm is amputated. Were that person to 'get saved' later in life, would his arm grow back? Of course not. 

Likewise individuals with mental disorders rooted in childhood cannot expect to be 'made whole' upon conversion. The mental illness will remain. 

While there may be some who are unwilling to work, most are in need of intervention to resolve underlying emotional and psychological problems.

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