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May 19, 2016 -- Allegedly . . . 

A black woman objected to a bus boy's smile at a Japanese restaurant. 

See video below

The restaurant worker explained that smiling was a part of his job. 

The black woman's brother responded by punching the Japanese worker. A brawl ensued as seen in the video below. 

Cited for disorderly conduct are Devecc Billingslea, 26, Zacarli Dalcoe, 25, Willis Jumario Hall, 26, and Demonte Harrison, 21. 

The restaurant in located in Atlanta, Ga. The melee occurred on Mothers Day, 2016. 

The episode helps explain why privileged white liberals avoid black people; why privileged white liberals are practical segregationists. 

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  1. Having waited tables and bartended I had to smile at quite a few assholes that I rather would have taken out back and beaten to bloody pulps!There were times when our bar was over run with gangbangers that I got to do just that and it was better therapy than xanax!

  2. japanese seem to fight back good, talking monkeys make me frown.