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May 12, 2016 -- Regressives blatantly ignore what Ronald Reagan once termed, "trickle-down economics." 

That's a misnomer. It's actually "flood-down economics". 

The poorest non-white Americans possess more today than the wealthiest white Americans a century ago; compliments of flood-down economics. 

Consider, for example, that the wealthiest Americans in 1916 could not afford to buy a cell phone, television, or cross-country airline ticket. The richest white Americans in 1916 could not afford insulin to save the lives of their diabetic children. Not a single rich white American in 1916 had the money to for a heart transplant, central air conditioning, personal or laptop computer, or acquire penicillin to fight bacterial infections. 

Today all the above are available to all Americans, though cross-country airline tickets may still be out of the reach for some. 

The list of innovations that continue to flow from the wealthiest top 20 percent to those with the lowest annual income continues to increase daily.

Nonetheless, the regressive left will stop at nothing to end the flow of life enhancements. It's the folly of Marxism. The left will end the flow of life enhancements under the guise of social justice and equality. 

Meanwhile, thank the innovators who live in white safe spaces for devising effective treatments for sickle cell anemia. 

Enjoy prosperity while you can. The world will soon plunge into a new paleolithic dark ages if the insanity of anti-white Marxism and globalism isn't stopped. 

• Virtually every town, village, and hamlet in Western Europe is home to an Islamic "refugee" center. The center are, in reality, colonies of Islamic insurgents. 

With few exceptions, there is no place in Western Europe where white people are allowed to enjoy the freedom of association. 

In the United States, Housing Secretary (HUD) Julian Castro has initiated a scheme to to punish white suburbs that are too white by withholding their federal funding. A new scheme expected to be implemented by the end of 2016 involves "super-sizing vouchers to help urban poor afford higher rents in pricey areas," according to The New York Post. The program is a redistribution of wealth that uses "equal housing" as an excuse to dilute safe, suburban white neighborhoods. It will also be a redistribution of crime.

Europe's tidy country hamlets are a thing of the past. Also disappearing are American neighborhoods with manicured lawns and low crime rates. 

• A recent article in The New York Times fuels the flames of hate against white people. Title, How the Other Fifth Lives, the article condemns white flight as "self-segregation"  and ties it to the Marxist concept of financial segregation. 

The point seems to be: As prosperous white Americans are not allowed to segregate themselves from black and Islamic violence, they should also be forbidden to segregate other forms of prosperity, including wealth. 

Using the word "segregation" four times, the article warns that safe-white neighborhoods not only concentrate capital, they but also concentrate "social capital and political power."

What the article won't tell you is that most cities in the Deep South are more racially segregated today than during the Jim Crow era. As government force was used to remedy the "problem" of free association, it actually created more racial segregation. 

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