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May 5, 2016 -- Thousands of patriots in Germany are being harassed after their home addresses were published on the Internet by a globalist hate group. 

Members of the patriotic Alternative for Germany (AFD) asked the government to close the site. 

According to

Since the publication of the addresses AfD members have complained about harassment from left wing extremists. A member of the party in Brandenburg received multiple threatening phone calls during the night after the publication of their information on a well known left wing website.

In Berlin another AfD supporter’s phone rang at 4am. When it was picked up the caller threatened the recipient and and used the term “Nazi pigs.”

Two party officials in Julich came home form the AfD party conference in Stuttgart over the weekend to find extremists had written all over their home in chalk. Slogans like “AfD are a pack of Racists,” “Racism Kills,” and most chillingly , “we know where you were on 04.30.2016,” the day of the conference. The leftists also wrote arrows on the pavement directing people to the AfD member’s house.

Included in the data leak were the email addresses of many members. The party has said that they should not open any email from people they do not know because left wing extremists have been sending viruses to members in order to infect their computers, steal more personal information, and possibly access financial information.

The data leaks were posted to left wing website Indymedia, who have tried many times int he past to publish personal information of right wing activists and party members.

In Braunschweig, the left wing party Die Linke used the site to find out that a local school board member was also a member of the AfD. They demanded “timely clarification” for parents as to whether their representative is an AFD delegate, which could lead to the firing of that member from the board.

Over 2,000 people are said to be victims of the leak, and comments on the Indymedia site encouraged activists to visit those people listed in person with one saying: “happy hunting.”

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