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May 19, 2016 -- 45-year-old Charles Henry Kronenberg IV was sitting on the steps of his Lancaster, Pennsylvania home when he was approached by a young black male. 

Reports say Dajour Ari James, 22, slammed Kroneberg in the face with a beer can, dragged him across the ground, continued to hit him and kicked him in the head at least two or three times. 

Kroneberg was found unconscious by police and transferred to a local hospital where he died of traumatic brain injury.

Were it not for a footnote in the local media, the murder would remain unreported. Still, the media failed to mention that the victim was white and his alleged attacker was black. 

Pictures, however, paint a thousand words and underscore the ongoing epidemic of black-on-white deadly violence. The assault was captured on video by a witness holding a cellphone; perhaps for the entertainment quality of watching a black male beat a white man without provocation. 

Why are the media silent?

Apparently the silence is intended to protect the perennial cultural Marxist false narrative that white Americans are oppressors and blacks are their oppressed victims. The national media seem intent on protecting the lie that white Americans have a long history of unprovoked violence against blacks when, in reality, the opposite it true. 

Karl Marx instructed his followers to accuse others of what you do.
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  1. I grew up in Lancaster. It really was like Mayberry RFD in the 1970s.

    This is proof that if you add just one tiny teaspoon of feces to 5 gallons of ice cream.... the result is 5 gallons of sewage. Diversity always ends this way