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May 25, 2016 -- So what are they teaching at the nation's colleges and universities these days? 

One would think schools of higher learning would offer classes in physics, arts, sciences, medicine, marketing, finance, education and other career oriented courses. 

The nation's colleges, however, are increasing becoming little more than indoctrination centers to infect the minds of the mindless with the cultural Marxism virus. 

A case in point is the Whiteness History Month program offered and Portland Community College this year. The program's focus, as you may suspect, is on stereotyping white people as guiltless predators who prey on non-white people. 

It's classic Marxism: The oppressing bourgeois (white people) exploit the oppressed proletariat (non-white people; aka, 'people of color').

One session delved into the racist practice of white people looking at black people. For a white person to gaze upon persons of color is evidently an expression of superiority. It's white supremacy. However, when white folks fail to make eye contact with their darker cousins it is to be interpreted as racism; a clear indication of the aloofness endemic to the white privileged (read "bourgeois") class. 

The same applies to smiling. 

For a white person to smile at a black person is patronizing. How dare they smile at the oppressed? Are these calloused white folk unconcerned with the centuries of slavery and segregation that oppressed the nation's negro population? 

On the other hand, to not smile at a black person relays arrogance. To black folks the frowning eyes of the white privileged (read, again, "bourgeois") oppressors, express an attitude of arrogance: It's dehumanizing. 

• The end analysis is this: Cultural Marxism thrives on racism. Where none exist, cultural Marxism imagines that it exists and manages to convince those whose minds are infected by the cultural Marxism virus that they see racism in every expression, regardless of how trivial. 

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  1. they make me frown continuously. racist or diversity means chase the last white man down. made up by lev davidovitch bronstein 'aka' leon trotsky.why even pay attention to the psychobabble.