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May 23, 2016 -- The actor whose fame stems from his starring role in the Lord of the Ring movies says Hollywood is in the grip of pedophiles.

Elijah Wood claims that child actors are preyed upon by industry figures. 

Former child star Corey Feldman agreed saying he was “surrounded” by abusers and that older men had been “leching around like vultures” when he was 14 and 15. 

The scandal in Hollywood is similar to that of Jimmy Savile, an honored and knighted British entertainer who, after his death, was discovered to have been involved in pedophilia. 

According to 

• Savile sexually assaulted 57 women/girls and 15 boys

 21 of Savile's female victims were aged under 16 (the youngest sexual assault victim was eight)

 36 of his female victims were aged 16 or over

 13 of Savile's victims were boys aged under 16 (the youngest sexual assault victim was nine)

 2 male victims were aged 16 or over

 The youngest girl Savile raped was aged 13

 The youngest boy Savile raped was aged 10

 The earliest known incident was the rape of a 13-year-old girl at Lime Grove in 1959

 Savile's last known incident was in 2006, involving the indecent touching of an adult woman following the last Top of the Pops recording

 Dame Janet identified 72 BBC victims of Savile in connection with his work at the BBC, including eight rapes (six female and two male) and one attempted rape (female).

 The majority of his assaults took place in the Seventies (44), one took place in 1959, 10 in the Sixties, 17 in the Eighties, three in the Nineties and one in the 2000s

 The largest number (19) were assaulted in connection with Top of the Pops.

 17 victims were assaulted in connection with Jim'll Fix It

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