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May 31, 2016 -- How can we lower the rate of violent crime in the United States? 

The answer is at the end of this article. 

Statistically, states dominated by whites tend to have lower violent crime rates than other states. Likewise, states with disproportionately high black populations tend to have violent crime rates higher than the national average. 

Before concluding that violent crime is relative exclusively to race, consider that Hawaii is one of the most racially diverse states in the nation, yet continues to rank low in violent crime

States with the lowest recorded violent crime statistics are (source)

10 - Hawaii 
24.7% white / 38.6% Asian / 1.6% black

9 - Minnesota
85.7% white / 4.7% Asian / 5.9% black

8 - Utah
91.4 white / 1.4% Asian / 1.3% black

7 - Idaho
93.5% white / 2.4 Asian / 0.8 black

6 - New Hampshire
94.0% white / 2.5% Asian / 1.5% black

5 - Kentucky
88.3% white / 1.4% Asian / 8.2% black

4 - Wyoming
92.7% white / 1.0% Asian / 1.6% black

3 - Virginia
70.5% white / 6.3% Asian / 19.7% black

2 - Minnesota
85.7% white / 4.7% Asian / 5.9% black

1 - Maine 
95.0% white / 1.2% Asian / 1.4%

Of the ten states with the lowest violent crime rates, only Virginia has a black population higher than the national average. Only Virginia and Hawaii have white populations lower than the national average. 

The correlation between violent crime and race is apparent only when one ignores the fact that whites and Asians tend to have higher intellects as measured by IQ than blacks. 

Statistically, violent criminals tend to be males, ages 18 to 49, with IQs ranging between the 70s and 90s. 

Blacks commit violent crime at a disproportionately higher rate than other racial groups because they tend to have lower IQs. East Asians commit violent crime at a lower rate because they tend to have higher IQs.  

• How to lower the violent crime rate

Consequently, a practical path to lower violent crime in the United States is to increase the number of people who prolifically commit violent crime a rate lower than the national average and decrease the number more likely to commit violent crime. 

That is, the practical path to lower violent crime in the nation is to encourage people with IQs 100 or greater to make more babies and those with IQs under 100 to make fewer babies. That conclusion is based upon the observation that intelligence is inherited. 

The path also includes a selection process in which immigrants are vetted by intellects. Considering the average IQ is most majority-Muslim nations hovers around an average of 85, the U.S. government will be well advised not to allow people from Islamic nations to migrate to the United States. 

Critics, I suppose, will complain by invoking eugenics. Perhaps a more constructive approach would be to revisit the concept of eugenics and challenge the popular perception that it is necessarily evil.  

Others will complain that discouraging people with low intellects from breeding is tantamount to racism in that blacks would be the most negatively affected. 

However, blacks with IQs above 100 would be encouraged to procreate as would Asians, whites, and other people groups. The discrimination is not race based but intellect based. 

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