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May 29, 2016 -- Have you ever wondered where ISIS and other Muslim hate groups get the cash to buy weapons and explosives? After all, ISIS doesn't manufacture its own weapons. Therefore, they must buy their weapons from arms dealers. 

Where do they get the cash?

Much of the funding comes from smuggling "refugees" to Europe. 

Each "refugee" pays smuggler about $2,000. In exchange for the cash the "refugee" is placed on a raft along with 500 or more others. That's $1-million for a raft full of "refugee." 

About one million "refugees" per year are invading Europe. If each pays smugglers $2,000, the smugglers are grossing $2-billion per year.

It's a cycle: Fleeing "refugees" provide the cash to fuel the armed conflict which causes "refugees" to flee that, in turn, provides more cash. 

Consequently, Lord Alan West, ex-First Sealord and Chief of Naval Staff, is calling for a blockade of Libya. The intent is to prohibit Islamic insurgents — called "refugees" by globalists — from leaving for Europe. 

Lord West, ex-First Sealord and Chief of Naval Staff, said such a measure would require 10 Navy frigates and destroyers, along with helicopters, drones and other intelligence and surveillance capability.
UK Prime Minister David Cameron has a different idea. He wants to send one "warship" to the Mediterranean. That warship could be a tug boat, for all we know. 

What's more, the British government says it needs the permission of the Libyan government to block its coasts. The problem is: Libya doesn't have a government. It has three governments. 

Complicating matters is Britain's Jeremy Corbyn who says the mission of Cameron's tug boat, er, uh, "warship" should be to secure the safety of so-called refugees. 

In other words: Cameron wants to send a boat to the Mediterranean. Corbyn effectively says the mission of the boat should be to encourage "refugees" to flee. That, in turn, will provide more cash for Muslim hate groups to buy more weapons. 

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