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May 26, 2016 -- 'Dumber' is — I know — not a kind term. 

Nonetheless, some of us are dumber than others. 

See video below 

White people, for example, tend to be slightly less intelligent than East Asians. That is why East Asians tend to earn more per household than their white counterparts. 

Acknowledging racial differences is sometimes acceptable. Other times it is not.

Black people tend to be darker than white people. Our hair texture, facial features, and other physiological characteristics are also different. No one seem bothered by those obvious observations. 

The brain is a biological, physiological organ. It should be no surprise that the brains of black people are different than brains of white people. 

The difference between our brain's physiology is expressed in intelligence. Black people tend to be less intelligence than white people on an average. Granted, there are some highly intelligent black folks. There are also white people who can be certified as bumbling idiots. But when viewed in the aggregate, whites are smarter than blacks and, stated in the reverse, blacks are [Note to SPLC: please resist the temptation to quote this out of context and don't even think of using an ellipsis] dumber than whites. 

Cultural Marxism contends that the apparent intelligence disparity between whites and blacks is the product of environment, not physiological. Were that true, the disparity could be erased by placing black and white students in the same environments; hence government mandated school integration. 

Common Core curriculum has set its sights on removing the apparent intelligence disparity between whites and blacks. Common Core has failed. 

Black students in Common Core environments continue to under perform their white peers who, in tun, under perform their East Asian peers. Sometimes the intelligence disparity appears to widen in Common Core environments. 

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  1. Asians have a notorious reputation for cheating on test.

    1. I had an Asian tutor in high school that almost didn't graduate for doing that exact thing.

  2. stop it! mr obvious.