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May 14, 2016 -- While Obama's focus is on transgender restrooms the homicide rate in his adopted hometown — Chicago — is up 84 percent this year. 

Most of the victims and suspects are black. 

To blame for the crime spike is a reticence by police officers to confront violent criminals. Police find themselves facing prosecution when they use deadly force to stop violent crime. 

Privileged white liberals like to pretend they care about black lives. All they while they advocate policies that contribute to and increase in the black violence that takes blacks lives. 

White liberals are, in fact, the most anti-black racists people on earth. 

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  1. WTG Chiraq, we knew ya could do it if ya put your mind to it. And we have a long hot summer coming so that if you really put your mind to it you can make this a banner year.
    Just remember all them white folks have been disarmed for your safety. Same with them damned do gooder blacks and brown folk who follow the law.