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May 16, 2016 -- Mahbub Chowdhury doesn't use toilet paper for cultural reasons. 

Chowdhury was a chef in Curry, England. 

According to investigators, Chowdhury filled milk bottles with water which he used to wash his bottom. The bottles — covered with brown fingerprints — were stored under the kitchen sink in his restaurant. 

• There are those who advocate the concept of cultural relativism to reinforce their misguided notions of multiculturalism. Multiculturalism is typically presented within this Marxism paradigm: All cultures are equal and, consequently, perfectly capable of seamlessly merging. 

The truth contradicts this silly Marxist notion. All cultures are not the same nor are they equal. Some cultures advance while others stagnate. When advanced cultures merge with stagnated (or backwards) cultures, the outcome is what I call 'cultural thermodynamics.' It's akin to dropping an ice cube in a cup of coffee. The temperatures of the two affect each other.

When cultures merge, the advanced culture inherently digresses while the backward culture advances. The outcome is a new culture that is inferior to the previous advanced culture. 

The regressive left bristles at the notion that some cultures are superior to others. They stigmatize those who acknowledge this obvious reality by stereotyping them as "supremacists."

Hate speech aside, some cultures are demonstrably superior to others. 

Cultures that wash their bottoms at the kitchen sink in their restaurants are inferior to cultures that practice good hygiene. Cultures whose member routinely poop in the street are inferior to those who use restrooms and toiletries. 

• The objective of cultural Marxism is to Western culture to regress. The intent is create cultural thermodynamics in which no culture is superior to other cultures. The outcome, again, is that advanced cultures necessarily must regress. 

• That's not to say that Western culture is always superior. 

When Westerners first arrived in Japan, for example, they thought it odd that Japanese regularly bathed. Europeans would often go for months without bathing. However, once Europeans understood the advantages of personal hygiene, they advanced to Eastern standards rather than force Easterners to regress to Western standards. 

The infection of Western culture by the ongoing Islamic invasion is different. Many Islamists are simply not acculturating to advanced standards. Those standards transcend health care and hygiene and include concepts of liberty, governance, and civility. 

• That's not to say that acculturation is always a positive. 

When Europeans arrived in the New World, they did not acculturate. That is, they did not build tepees, routinely raid neighboring villages, and scalp each other. Rather, they resisted regressing to the norm and, instead, introduced the native population to advanced health care and other Western innovations (sometimes to their own demise; such as supplying Indians with firearms and alcohol).  

Europeans were minimally influenced by Indian culture. While Westerners foolishly began cultivating tobacco, they were also introduced to maze; a crop that is still widely used in multiple food products in the form of corn syrup.

The influx of Middle Eastern cultures into the West, however, is having a negative impact. 

Consider the honest answer to this question: "How has the introduction of Islam and so-called 'refugees' positively impacted Western culture?"

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  1. "How has the introduction of Islam and so-called 'refugees' positively impacted Western culture?"

    We have saved a bundle on T/P, shampoo and soap.

  2. I can never forget the horrible experience of supervising a very smelly man from india.After continual complaints from staff I had to take the maharajah aside and tell him he needed to use deodorant.He didn't get it.No deodorant in the world could help his funk.He kept wearing the same old unwashed clothes that were entrenched with cumin,curry and fierce B.O.Although I enjoy Indian food,I refuse to risk my health with dirty dining.I won't eat in Chinese restaurants for the same reason.The joys of diversity are amazing.