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May 28, 2016 -- Black-on-black violence doesn't fit the cultural Marxism narrative that blacks are the victims of white oppression. 

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The fact that more blacks are killed by other blacks in eight months than were lynched in 84 years is simply ignored. 

Case in point: 21-year-old Brandi Hill was carjacked in St. Louis this week. Devonte Gates, 21, is accused of fatally shooting the young black woman before police ended his life. 

Gates and his accomplice sped off in their victim's red 2015 Dodge Challenger, tossing her baby out of the car. 

Ross Randolph (photo) has been identified as the accomplice. 

Authorities also believe Gates murdered 21-year-old Morris P. Mason last month. It is not known if Mason is white or black. 

• Black lives matter? Apparently not to Black Lives Matter. 

The prevailing mindset among the racist left is that black children must be raised by "the village."

The village translates into a government social construct that displaces the mom-and-pop family. Black males, some as young as fourteen, sire babies leaving mothers dependent on government programs for food, shelter, and education. 

Many of these children are raised as feral hood rats. Black welfare mothers often turn them loose to form gangs or less organized crews. They terrorize neighborhoods. Puberty seems to be their only qualification to reproduce as the cycle of violence continues unabated.

• It's the red pill of reality that the far left prefers to ignore and castigates those of us willing to tell to truth. 

The regressive left objectifies black Americans. To liberals, blacks and other non-whites are mere objects to be used to advance cultural and economic Marxism. The left only expresses concern for black victims to advance their agenda. 

Had two white males murdered Brandi and tossed her baby from her car, you would have heard about it from the national media. But because she was allegedly murdered by two black males her life doesn't matter to smug and privileged white liberals lounging in the tidy white suburbs. 

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