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May 23, 2016 -- As expected, there is no media outcry. 

Two farmers were gunned down in South Africa last week by black thugs toting AK47s. 

Billy van Rooyen (see photo) and his father-in-law, Ronnie Lombard, were fatally shot May 17th during an apparent robbery at a farm in Vryheid, South Africa. 

Thousands of white farmers and their families have been murdered by black thugs in South Africa. The single-party government there is complicit to the murders because it restrains farmers from forming effective militias to protect themselves. 

• The regressive left presents a false narrative that whites in Africa have historically attacked blacks. In reality white Africans have a history of defending themselves against deadly black aggression with deadly force. The left, however, spotlights rare occasions when whites were the aggressors and ignores the norm: Blacks routinely attack whites. 

Some are misled to believe that South Africa is better governed under the current one-party monopoly because the black majority is in control. In truth, all South Africans prospered under the apartheid system. While apartheid was less than perfect, it provided more wealth, health, and security to both white and black South Africans than does the reigning African National Congress that dominates most of the country. 

White liberals in the United States who support the current government are supporting a fascist system that is rife with corruption and fails to meet basic public services for South Africans.
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