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May 17, 2016 -- 'Rampaging protesters' — otherwise known as rioters — forced a South African town to come to a virtual standstill.

The rioters are demanding the resignation of the mayor of Kokstad. They complain that mayor Nosisa Jojozi and deputy mayor Bheki Mtolo have failed to deliver basic services. 

22 years after the end of apartheid, the black-dominated African National Congress has proved itself incompetent to manage the nation's infrastructure. 

The average IQ among black Africans is about 70; the norm for retardation. 

White privileged liberals who tirelessly campaign for equality and civil rights fail to acknowledge that some people groups are incapable of providing for themselves above a paleolithic existence. Sane people who acknowledge this reality are stereotyped as racists and bigots. 

Nonetheless, were it not for Western innovation introduced to South Africa by Europeans, the region would return to grass huts and abject poverty; a culture in which black Africans would live in perpetual harmony with nature rather than the life-enhancing benefits of advanced technology. 

By denying reality, those white liberals incessantly do great harm to the health and well being of black populations worldwide. 

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