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May 17, 2016 -- A 62-year-old black male was convicted of second-degree murder after brutally stabbing his 95-year-old neighbor to death. 

Reports say the elderly Dan Belvin was nearly decapitated by Eric S. Dyson. The two lived in Wheaten, Maryland at a senior living facility. Dyson lived with his father. 

Dyson slashed Belvin 40 times inside the victim's apartment. Apparently the black male had been stealing money from the victim to fund a drug addiction. 

Belvin, a retired Navy officer who served in World War II, may have trusted Belvin, thinking it racist not to trust him. 

Some believe Jim Crow laws were enacted in some states to protect white people like Dan Belvin from savages like Eric S. Dyson.

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  1. 95 Y/O WW II killed by his neighbor for drug money?
    Why isn't this national headlines (like we don't know why this is only a local story)