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May 4, 2016 -- 23-year-old Susan Daniel was executed at a gas station where she worked as a clerk. The murder occurred during an armed robbery. 

Reports say the suspect, 19-year-old Shakim Saunders, committed suicide shortly after the murder. 

News reports expressed sympathy for Saunders, who was black. Little sympathy was offered for his victim or for her family. 

The perennial violent crime spree committed by blacks against whites continues unabated in America. Those who express concern over black-on-white violence are stereotyped as "racists."  

Had a hard working black woman been executed by a white male, the media would certainly have exploited the crime as evidence that white racism prevails. White-on-black violence, however, is largely concocted in the imaginations of the regressive left that pretends blacks are the victims of white bourgeois oppressors. 

The crime occurred in Princeton, WVa.
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  1. A worthless ner'do'well kills a productive member of society. This scum entire family should be punished as should those that are his sympathizers