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May 5, 2016 -- When was the last time you heard of a black person being murdered by a white home invader? 

Probably never. 

Black-on-white homicides, however, have been epidemic and black-on-white home invasions are common. 

One such crime ended this week when Jahkim McGhee, a black male, admitted to killing Anthony Guglielmo in the victim's Port Chester, New York home in 2011. Guglielmo was white. 

The media have persuaded us that white people have a long history of oppressing blacks; particularly of committing senseless and unprovoked violent crime. 

In reality the opposite is true. 

The media frequently publish images of black people being lynching, never admitting that the executions — though inexcusable — were reactions to violent black-on-white crime. The media also ignores the reality that about one-third of all lynching victims in the United States were white. What's more, the media fail to mention that black-on-black homicides end more lives in 8 months than lynchings of black thugs over 86 years (1882 to 1968). 

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