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April 30, 2016 -- You're not supposed to believe what you see in this video. 

It contradicts the cultural Marxism narrative that whites are physically abusive to blacks. 

You see the narrative repeated in the cinema, on television, and taught in the classroom. 

Reality, however, tells a contradictory story. 

The truth is: Whites have always been victims of violent black crime. That's why some schools were racially segregated: To protect victims — like the one seen in this video — from black crime. 

Liberals lie. They claim that school segregation was an expression of white racism. Oddly, those same privileged white liberals are careful to avoid black schools. 

What do you see in this video? Do you see raw racial hatred? Do you believe your eyes? Or do you believe the regressive left?

How would you react if the victim in the video was your son, grandson, nephew, brother, etc.? Would you make excuses? Would you continue to believe that blacks are victims of white violence?

This is why the regresssive left hates the Internet. It allows us to go around the approved mainstream-media message and tell the truth. The truth is: Blacks have historically been violent racists and whites have always been their victims. 

While this kid is being beaten, violent black thugs are encouraged by liberal lies such as 'white privilege' and 'micro-aggressions.'

Seriously: If you had to choose, would you refer to be the victim of an imagined 'micro-aggression' or be beaten by an urban savage? Which is worse?

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