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April 11, 2016 -- A 63-year-old geometry instructor was described as a "very good" teacher by her peers. 

See video below.

It appears, however, that the teacher attempted to literally pound geometry into the head of a young African in America.

The attack was apparently video recorded by a class mate. The victim can be seen broadly smiling after the attack. The crime occurred at Ozen High School in Beaumont, Tex. last week. 

Cultural and economic Marxism demands intellectual relativism. That is, the inability of black students to learn at the same rate as white and East Asian students is not due to their low IQs, Marxism contends. Rather, black students under perform academically because of external influences. The primary culprit, Marxism says, is white racism. 

That perspective allows the regressive left to tamper with social engineering in an effort to solve problems that do not exist. It's akin to curing cancer by bloodletting. 

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The outcome of intelligence disparity denial is a teacher pounding a black student. The teacher appears frustrated that the student is failing due to some external influence. That is, the student "just isn't trying."

It's also akin to telling a crippled child to run a Marathon and, when he fails, beating him for not trying. It's akin to beating a deaf student for not listening or a blind student for not seeing. 

Tragically, the regressive left that pretends white slave masters routinely beat their slaves (it was actually illegal to do so), demeans Africans in America with learning limitations. 

The solutions include:

• Installing live video cameras in all government school classrooms, allowing parents to monitor activities. Video cameras should also be installed throughout government school grounds allowing parents to see and hear what their children are forced to endure by the government. 

• Intelligence disparity denial should be caused for dismissal. Teachers who refuse to acknowledge the intelligence disparities between ethnic groups should be considered unfit for teaching and their licenses and/or certificates revoked. 

• Schools should be segregated based upon the specific needs of students rather than the mindless insanity of cultural Marxism. 

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