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April 4, 2016 -- A black male has been arrested after a fatal shooting in Louisville, Ky. Saturday. 

Aron Ballard, 22, has been charged in the shooting that left the unarmed Lottie Elizabeth Eicher, 20, dead and at least two others wounded.


Police have made an arrest in connection to a shooting on Saturday that left one dead and two others injured.

According to police, Aron Ballard, 22, has been charged in connection to the shooting.

Although one suspect is in custody, a women who was at the house while the shootout was happening, says more people should be behind bars.

"We heard just gunshots, some from the front. We didn't even flinch. It was normal and all of a sudden we heard more shots and then we heard bullets hit the house and we heard them out there screaming and we went out there and she was down," Sharnita Rucker said.

Rucker said she was spending time with her family on Bolling Avenue on Saturday afternoon when she heard gunshots coming from her backyard.

She said among the people shot during the shootout was her husband, nephew and her nephew's girlfriend Lottie Elizabeth Eicher, 20

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  1. A better headline would be: Unarmed mud shark fatally shot in Louisville