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April 3, 2016 -- While white-privileged liberals sit snug and smug in their isolated enclaves insulated from black crime, urban dwellers are forced to deal with the generations-old epidemic. 

There are many things you shouldn't do in the 'hood. 


One of them is deliver pizzas. 

Don't believe me? 

Ask Alfredo Torres III.

Torres is a working man who, until Easter, held down three jobs to make ends meet. One of those jobs was delivering pizzas in the Cleveland, Ohio area. 

Torres quit his pizza delivery job after being robbed for a second time.


A gunman and three accomplices robbed Alfredo Torres III of his cellphone, money and his 2004 Ford Escape about 12:30 a.m. Sunday after he showed up to a Colgate Avenue home to deliver pizzas.

Less than two weeks earlier, a man stuck a pistol in his face in the lobby of an East Side apartment building.

Torres, who also works as an Uber driver and in the kitchen at a Lakewood restaurant, said he had had enough of delivering pizzas after Sunday's robbery.

"When the cops took me back (to Happy's Pizza), I told them that was it. I quit," Torres said in a phone interview from his day job.

Torres said someone ordered three large pizzas, two pounds of wings and two bottles of soda to be delivered to a home on Colgate Avenue near West 77th Street.

Torres pulled up to the address in his Ford Escape about 12:30 a.m. and saw a man in a red hooded sweatshirt standing in front of the house next door. The man asked Williams what he was doing, and Torres said delivering pizzas to the house next door.

The man said the delivery was for him. He pulled out a wallet and started counting money, but was taking a long time, Torres said.

Three men appeared and surrounded Torres. The man then stopped counting money, pulled a pistol from his pants and told Torres to give him everything, Torres said.

Torres handed over his cellphone and the $80 from pizza deliveries, including $23 in tips he had gotten during his shift. As he was handing over his stuff, the man swatted his hand with the pistol, Torres said.

The other men then rifled through his pockets and took the keys to his Escape. They then jumped in the SUV and sped off, Torres said.

Torres also said he had $360 in cash and his most recent paycheck in the SUV's glovebox.

Police used the SUV's GPS system and found it parked and locked on Ashbury Road. The license plates were missing, Torres said.

Torres was robbed in a similar incident March 16 at East 26th Street and Cedar Avenue, when a man stuck a pistol in his face in the stairwell of an apartment building and stole his cellphone, money and pizzas.

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  1. I live in Cleveland a few blocks from Happys. Last year a guy from Nunzios was killed. This guy is lucky. From Detroit Avenue and W. 73 west to W 117 and south to Lorain is the hood. No the real HOOD. No human being should go there for any reason. If that seems racist well I guess it can be defined that way--a member of the HUMAN race not going near members of a pack of hyenas. Only thing that surprises me is that even reported this because they are the Josh Earnest of the Dems controlling Cleveland!

    1. quit worrying about being called a racist! it was made up by lev davodvitch bronstein aka leon trotsky head of the bolshevic red army, its cultural marxist psychobabble to shut down any opinion.

  2. Monkey see, Monkey rob..

  3. I bet if this guy pulled a gun (say he was CC holder) and shot these feral animals BLM would be all over it and the dude would be arrested for capital murder or attempted murder.