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April 4, 2016 -- A bus driver was left with life-altering head injuries after a senseless attack by village-raised 'teens'.

The attack occurred in broad daylight in Edina, Minn., a southwest suburb of Minneapolis. 

The media profiled the attackers by age and gender, but not by race. 

From, April 3, 2016: 

The driver “had been assaulted by a group of five to seven males,” the Edina police report read, going on to note the victim “had a wound to his head that was bleeding, and [he] had no recollection of the assault.”

Video surveillance from inside the bus “was downloaded and now police have it,” Zapata said.

Police have not disclosed whether they anticipate making more arrests and have not released descriptions of any of the teens.

Union vice president Dorothy Maki said “there is some rough public out there. Oh my gosh, we have so many assaults.”

Maki said the majority of the attacks on drivers are not as violent as what occurred at Southdale. Most involve “being spit on,” she said.

Noting the assault occurred around noon, when there is less concern about violence, Maki said, “There are bad people around on the system at all times of the day.”

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