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April 28, 2016 -- Confederatephobes suspended seven boys who took photos of themselves posing with a Confederate flag. 

School authorities at Round Rock Ridgeview Middle School in Texas said the teens were suspended because the flag represents slavery. 

A school spokesperson said the flag represents intolerance and that safety and security were a top priority. 

Obviously, the government goons who dominate the nation's education system have little concern for tolerating Southern culture nor are they particularly worried about the safety of white students. (See video below.)

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  1. If it was after class and not on school property, what business is it of theirs? Moreover, how did they determine that it "represents slavery"? Most slavery occurred under the "stars and stripes." Further, what about all the Hispanic students who pose with the Mexican flag - I'd consider that to be support of rebellion against the US and Texas.

    1. and all the negro that pose with guns and drugs or a crime they just committed.