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April 30, 2016

WLS Chicago -- Segregated buses are the ultimate expression of white racism, according to the regressive left. 

In reality, however, buses were segregated to protect white people from black violence. 

That reality struck home again this week in Chicago where a 19-year-old nursing student was set upon by two urban savages. Other passengers watched. None came to the girl's assistance and none appeared to even call authorities. 

Evaporated in the attack is the silly notion that whites are the progenitors of racial hatred. Most white people are keenly aware of the dangers of mass transit in urban areas and avoid using it. In other words, de facto Jim Crow still exists in virtually every major urban area in the nation: Whites are not allowed to use mass transportation without risk of severe physical abuse by racist blacks. 

There is irony. 

First is the contrast: A young white woman with initiative dedicating her life to better society through the medical profession. Contrast that with two urban savages preying on the weak. The intent of the attackers was to steal their victim's cell phone. 

Second is the likelihood that the victim may some day be required to provide medical treatment to those who viciously attacked her. She will almost certainly be required to provide medical treatment to other urban savages who attacked others like her. 

Third is hidden in plain view. The technology that provides mass transit and healthcare are the innovations of white people. The urban savages who attacked the young woman and those who refused to come to her aid seem oblivious to the reality that — were it not for white technology — they would still be existing in a paleolithic existence in Africa. 

In spite of all the life enhancements endowed upon humanity by white people, there remains no gratitude. 

According to WLS in Chicago:

A student was attacked on the CTA Blue Line in broad daylight - and she says other people on the train just watched as she was beaten.

Jessica Hughes was on her way home when she was attacked while sitting in a rail car near the Blue Line stop at Harrison and Kedzie.

"If you were seeing someone else getting abused, wouldn't you want to step in?" Hughes said.

Hughes said that perhaps more painful than the beating she took at the hands of two robbers while riding the "L", is that fellow passengers who saw the attack, did nothing to stop it.

"I was yelling for help. There were two other guys on the train and they did nothing. They just watched as he beat me," she said.

The DePaul student says she was brutally attacked Thursday around 10 a.m. as she rode a CTA Blue Line train home from campus.

The freshman nursing major said that after most of the passengers in her rail car got off at the UIC-Halsted stop, one man moved to the seat in front of her. As the train left the station, Hughes said she got a bad feeling. That's when the 19-year-old said the man tried to take her iPhone.

"He started pushing me and then he pushed me to the floor and when he pushed me to the floor, he started hitting on me constantly. His body was on top of me holding me down so I couldn't fight back," she said.

But Hughes didn't let go of her phone, even when her attacker bit her hand. She says the woman her attacker was with then punched her in the face before both fled to another rail car without the iPhone or anything else. Hughes said she finally got some help at the Kedzie/Homan stop.

A day later, the swollen and bruised teen says it will be tough to ride the train again as she struggles to understand why she was targeted.

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  1. "What CONFUSES and PERPLEXES PEOPLE the MOST is simply telling them anything that they don't want to HEAR; even if it's the TRUTH, the WHOLE TRUTH and NOTHING but the TRUTH" (TRAINAISM)

  2. The reason DUH , was the IPhone , twit.

    1. the reason duh ,was the negro,twit.

  3. The reason was the savages that feel entitled to take anything they want from people who work for it!I wish she had a gun and shot them both, I would have and I would think of it as trash removal!

  4. Living in Chicago and being a nurse, she will need to expect further violence toward her by negro savages. Medical personnel are often victimized by patients, usually negroids. At least she was neither raped nor killed, should consider herself lucky and chalk this up to life experience that could prepare and help save her the next time it happens.