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April 13, 2016 -- The 2015 Metro Nashville Police Officer of the Year was injured while trying to make an arrest in east Nashville, according to

See video below

The video below is banned from most social media sites because it is considered "racist."

The media want to distort our perception of reality by enforcing a false narrative in which white people are the oppressors and blacks their perennial victims. 

By censoring content under the pretext of "hate speech," social media sites are able to deceive most Americans. 

Reality, however, in the antidote that kills the cultural Marxism virus. By simply exposing our minds to the truth, we can cure ourselves. By sharing the truth with others, we can defeat cultural Marxism. 

• African villages in America differ little from black villages in Africa. 

The notion of a domestic home life is virtually unknown. 

Males randomly mate with females. There is no expectation of commitment to the mother or child. Children are raised by the village with the mother's involvement being minimal. 

With some exceptions, males eschew work. They consider manual labor to be effeminate. Rather, males in both Africa and America hunt. Prior to colonization, African males would hunt for game. In America the males "hunt" by preying on individuals, stores, and invading homes. 

Children are given free reign to run through the village. They form feral packs which are the closest thing to a family they will ever know. 

After multiple generations of exposure to Western culture, both in America and Africa, many Africans have failed to adapt or assimilate. The behavior in the village — as demonstrated by the video below — has not changed. 

Privileged white liberals condemn this acknowledgement of reality as patently racist. Hypocritically, the affirm the reality by isolating themselves in segregated, Jim Crow neighborhoods where they can pretend to be "anti-racist". 


This video is being censored from the Internet. To protect our freedom of
speech, you may download the video here ► ◄ before it is removed from YouTube. 
The 2015 Metro Nashville Police Officer of the Year was injured while trying to make an arrest in east Nashville.

Officer Matthew Cammarn responded to a shots fired and domestic call Tuesday evening at James A. Cayce Homes.

When he arrived, he witnessed 22-year-old Brian Shannon reportedly assault a female. Cammarn intervened and wrestled Shannon to the ground while a group of men started hitting the officer over the head.

A video of the struggle surfaced on social media. Officials with the police department said they were aware of the video and were looking into it.

Officer Cammarn was rushed to Vanderbilt University Medical Center but was released Wednesday morning.

Police said Shannon and a 17-year-old juvenile were both arrested at the scene and are facing numerous charges.

Cammarn was named Metro Nashville's Officer of the Year in 2015 for saving the life of a 17-year-old gunshot victim on North 8th Street.

This was the same area where an officer was stabbed Monday night while trying to break up a fight.

Officer Josh Hausman was one of three officers sent to the scene after reports of a fight. Hausman was working to break up an altercation between two females when he was stabbed in the hand.

Officials said there will now be an increased police presence in the neighborhood.

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  1. look how excited these hominids are over violence. police are not the problem! its who they chase.