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April 12, 2016 -- The regressive left has no tolerance for multicultural anti-multiculturalism, even when the critic belongs to a protected class of people, such as blacks. 

That became apparent today when news reports claimed police are searching for a black Briton who racially abused an apparent Muslim on a rail system. 

The victim was described by the media as "Asian," a term used in Britain that correlates to Middle-Easterner. 

There are, in fact, some intelligent blacks who understand the dire consequences of displacing Western culture. 

The free-speech crime was committed in January. News reports of the incident were reported April 12, 2016. 


Officers from British Transport police were today searching for a middle-aged woman after an Asian passenger said he was racially abused on board a Tube train.

The man had been travelling on a Circle line train between Paddington and Euston Square stations when he says he was subjected to abuse from the woman sitting opposite.

Another passenger then intervened, but then himself became the target of further racist insults by the woman, who went on to threaten both of the men, it is alleged.

British Transport Police have now released a photograph of a woman they want to question over the incident, which happened on the afternoon of Sunday, January 24.

'We have been provided with an image of a woman who I think has important information about what happened,' said PC Sean Dowley.

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