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April 3, 2016 -- Where are those oh-so-tolerant liberals when you need them? 

See video below

A group of patriots were brutally attacked at a Halal festival in Australia last week.


The media called it a "violent brawl between anti-Islam protesters and far-left activists."

The video clearly shows peaceful patriots demonstrating when they are set upon by treasonous thugs wearing black ninja outfits called balaclavas.

Ninja traitors swarm a patriot in Australia
during a peaceful protest
Event though the traitors were video recorded attacking patriots, no arrests were made.

Patriots through the Western world are growing increasingly impatient as Islamic insurgents take over their nations. 

The attack occurred in Ascot Vale which is near Melbourne. 

• The so-called "anti-fascists" fascists have taken to wearing black clothing and balaclavas. We saw the same in Dover, England where traitors wore similar clothing.

Ninja traitors attack police in Dover, England
This suggests international coordination, perhaps funded by globalists thugs. 

What's more it also suggests the traitors are being trained in how to disrupt peaceful protests by patriots. 

What to do?

1 - When organizing a demonstration, create an 'intelligence parameter' encircling the area of the protest. When traitors in ninja outfits are seen, call the police and video record the traitors' actions. 

2 - Be prepared to follow the ninja traitors after the assault. In some cases the thugs will arrive in personal vehicles. By following them you may be able to get their vehicle license plate number and description of the vehicle. 


A Halal food festival has been rocked by a violent brawl between anti-Islam protesters and far-left activists.

About 30 far-left protesters wearing black clothing and balaclavas, believed to be part of the anti-fascist Antifa group, swarmed a group of right extremists, including members of the United Patriots Front, Reclaim Australia and other anti-Halal activists.

Demonstrators on both sides threw punches, wrestled each other and pinned each other to the ground outside the festival in Ascot Vale.

One right-wing protester was punched in the face and left bleeding, and another was left scarred after he was struck with a pole on his chest.

The brawl continued for about two minutes before about five police officers on horseback quelled the fight.

Fairfax Media saw two far-left activists detained, but Victoria Police said no one was arrested.

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