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April 2, 2016 -- Muslims attack British patriots in Dover, England during a demonstration there. 

See video below

Patriots are opposed to their nation being overrun by Islamic insurgents. 

The violence occurred April 2, 2016. 



VIOLENT clashes have broken out between far-right protestors chanting "no more refugees" and militant left-wingers at an anti-immigration march in Dover this afternoon.

Ninja traitors also attacked patriots in Australia
Twelve people have been arrested amid a vastly heightened police presence, put in place after violent scenes earlier this year during a similar march against the migrant crisis.

Pictures from the scene showed crowds of protestors clashing with police who blocked their route. The local Tory MP added that "left-wing militant" protestors were also on the scene adding to the growing tensions.

Ninja traitors attack police in Dover, England
The clashes took place as anti-fascist protesters were cordoned off by police on the seafront after reportedly refusing to continue on the route.

Dover was chosen for the march because it is the main entry points for migrants from Calais trying to smuggle themselves illegally into Britain. On the route one protestor burnt the EU flag in apparent disgust at Brussels' controversial open door migration policies.

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