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April 13, 2016 -- The erosion of the family leads to the destruction of society. 

That was made apparent after a 17-year-old black boy was accused of murdering a gifted ballerina. It turns out the suspect's mother was a prostitute who makes porn films. Furthermore, reports say Vivian Lafrance Criner, 43, took drugs throughout her pregnancy. 

The regressive left transfers blame to white privilege, a discredited concept designed in part to obscure the coarse reality of black crime and excuse the protected classification afforded to black Americans. 

The teen, Meechaiel Crinerwho, is accused of murdering 18-year-old Portland dance student Haruka Weiser.

Weiser was strangled to death on the campus of the University of Texas after the promising young student had been raped. Police say the victim was randomly targeted. 

52.2 percent of homicides in America are committed by blacks; nearly all by young black males who comprise about 4 percent of the nation's population. The mainstream Marxist media refuse to acknowledge the epidemic of black-on-white violence that has plagued our nation for generations; pretending, instead, that those of us who report unspun reality are somehow "racists" for opposing black-on-white racism. 

Meanwhile, black supremacist hate groups are contending that only black lives matter. 

The mother of alleged murderer Meechaiel Criner, 17, is a convicted prostitute who makes pornographic films and took drugs throughout her pregnancy.

Vivian Lafrance Criner, 43, claims to be based in Las Vegas but was arrested on prostitution charges in Shreveport, Louisiana last September and still has an active warrant out for her arrest.

She was also part of a prostitution ring busted by Louisiana's Caddo County police department in March 2015 and was, on that occasion, released on a $700 bond.

Criner, who uses the stage name De Collecter, is currently thought to be in Nevada where she sells X-rated videos for $75 each and uses social media sites to promote them.

But although active online, the mother-of-five has not come forward to speak about her youngest son who was charged with the murder of Portland dance student Haruka Weiser, 18.

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  1. Ape Rape. Monkey Murder.

  2. Liberals are licking their lips in anticipation of using the boy's troubled home life as an excuse to get him a reduced sentence or off the hook entirely.