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April 5, 2016 -- Remember those 'Welcome refugee' signs?

There are no 'Welcome European' signs in the Muslim sector of Brussels, Belgium. It seems the Muslims welcomed by Europeans to their nations don't welcome Europeans to their neighborhoods.

Once Muslims dominate an area, they lose their propensity for tolerance. That, of course, was the objective all along. 

The pathological altruism that compels Europeans to welcome Islamic insurgents to invade their country seems to be uniquely European. 

Once in Belgium — or France, or Britain, or German, or the USA — Muslims are perfectly content to mooch off the welfare system. It's the spoils of war. 

Marxism purposes to eliminate the economic disparity between Western nations and Third-world countries. The strategy is to overrun Western nations with Third-worlders.

At first few noticed the hordes of Hispanic flooding over the American southern border until the were 12-million "dreamers" in our midst. Suddenly the government decided there were simply too many to deport. 

In Europe the strategy is a bit different. 

To avoid the red tape normally required for legal citizenship, globalists labeled Islamic invaders "asylum seekers" and threw open the borders. The excuse was the war in Syria. 

Oddly, the alleged refugees didn't care to escape to other Muslim countries. Rather, they chose to invade European nations where they are lured by generous welfare programs, including free healthcare. 

The poorest Muslims in Europe are wealthy compared to the average Muslim in most Islamic states. 

Westerners are bullied into accepting the invasion. To resist is to be demonized as a racist and stereotyped as a xenophobe. 

In our lifetime Western civilization is being destroyed. 

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