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April 6, 2016 -- Michael Savage has done the unthinkable: He's admitted the unvarnished truth. 

Multiculturalism has convinced us that Western civilization isn't worth saving and that any white person who speaks out in defense of Western culture is a racist pariah to be shunned, hated, and quarantined. 

Occasionally someone in the media will emerge from the shadows of intimidation and forthrightly address reality.

Marxism has convinced us that defending Western culture is the equivalent of hating other cultures; that defending the white race necessarily requires one to hate non-whites. 

In typical fashion, Marxism gets it exactly wrong. 

By defending Western culture and white people we are preserving the people group that has enhanced the lives of all humanity for centuries. The Marxist narrative pretends white people are innately racists. It equates colonialism with genocide, always ignoring these facts:

First, wherever white people have gone they have enhanced the lives of those they touch. There is nowhere on earth that is not positively affected by Western innovation. From light bulbs to healthcare, every corner of the planet is benefiting from white invention. When white people are totally subjugated and free market economies are destroyed, all humanity will suffer. 

Second, where white people go, non-white people follow. While most white people don't object to non-whites participating in our culture, those among us who have no gratitude or appreciation have no place among us.

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  1. Diversity does work, it works and I believe needed for humans, for plants and for animals in the MACRO. But it clearly doesn't work in the MICRO: in a city or a country, the facts are people are distancing themselves from each others in US cities, including the democratic elites, they are pretty the first to isolate themselves, it's not only about races, but economic, intellectual status etc

    Multiculturalism doesn't work. For it to work you need to have cultures that are equals. Not only they are not equals (please read Ayaan Hirsi Ali's article "Ladies First" at the aei website) but clearly the western culture with its equality in front of the Law between sexes, races, religions, ethnicities etc, with its freedoms of speech, religion, association etc with its economic, intellectual, artistic, scientific, literature, political, technological etc achievements etc etc is superior to many others, if not all. Not only they are not equals but some are really bad like the islamic culture. After all, isn't it why so many people want and are immigrating to our western countries?

    Multiculturalism means that all cultures are equals and that the western culture is not better. If one agrees to that, then how can he/she stops people to kill their daughters if they speak with a boy or discriminate against Christians or atheists etc etc If you can't stop this because of multiculturalism then the western culture will cease to be the motor of our western countries and the countries will stop being a beacon of rights, freedoms, achievements in this violent, discriminatory and backwarded world and they will gradually look like all the other countries from where the migrants are coming from.

    The fact that I like my children doesn't mean that I detest all the other children. I like my race (and by the way the Black love their race and the Hispanics love their race etc... if it is not racist to have Black Pride and La Raza, why is it racist that some Whites like the White Race and are proud of it as well?), I like my race but I don't detest the other races. Actually I am the one who really like diversity. The human races are diverse and beautiful, each a product of millions of years of adaptation to their environment and their diversity makes us humans strong. There are not one superior to the others, we should be all equals in front of the Law. Evolution though have made us different and we have different abilities and qualities etc.

    Can't we learn from Zimbabwe or San Domingo, Yougoslavia or Quebec? Bi-racial, multiracial, bi culturalist or multiculturalist countries just don't work. I am against violence, so I don't want to trigger it. Give me names of countries where multiracialism or multiculturalism work?!!! An exception confirms the rule anyway...

  2. I like Michael Savage. Mainstream pundits like him and Ann Coulter and others are starting to say what you could only hear at Amren and a few other places only a few years ago.