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April 12, 2016 Savage Africans form tribal gangs -- Authorities in Melbourne, Australia are going to great lengths to assure us a racist brawl last month was not racist. 

News reports claim the riot erupted when black Sudanese youth went berserk, and began attacking people at a Moomba festival. Police estimate about 40 black males were involved, but decided the violence was gang related; a common pretense to provide cover for violent racist blacks. 

Had a mob of white people attacked black Sudanese, the attackers would have certainly been condemned as racists. 

The black 'teens' ranged in age from 14 to 40, reports said. 

African culture typically is centered on tribal villages rather than on families. Many Africans who migrate to Western nations retain their innate propensity for tribalism and, consequently, form gangs while making babies to be raised by mothers and, ultimately, the village. 

Village-raised savage males often consider work to be effeminate and prefer to be self-sustaining through the hunt which manifests itself as crime in Western societies. 

Western civilization developed around agriculture and subsequent property ownership; a social construct that favored a mother and father partnering to raise children. 

Savage cultures developed around the hunt. Males often left their villages for weeks at a time to hunt game, leaving their offspring to be raised by the village. Labor was provided by women who were considered the property of the males. When the hunters returned to the village with game, it was distributed to all members of the tribe; something akin to the Marxism model currently being imposed on Western civilization. 

Westerners are often shocked to discover Africans continue to eschew families and manual labor, preferring to exist in tribes or gangs. While some Africans in America have adapted to Western culture, urban centers continue to exist as savage villages where Western-style families are few, children are village raised, and the hunt manifests itself as violent crime.

America's black population has been removed from its savage African environment for generations, but many blacks continue to live like savages; affirming their violent criminal behavior is genetic. 

Introducing black migrants into Australia will assure generations in the nation's future will be forced to contend with immutable savage behavior. 

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