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April 26, 2016 -- I'm home from the hospital after a urinary tract infection that nearly killed me. 

Gratefully, the physicians were able to keep me on an anti-bacterial IV drip for several days that, they say, killed the two bacterial stains. 

Expect more news and commentary at a slower pace for the next few weeks.

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  1. I and 1000s of others Hope and pray you have a speedy recovery Kenn. The web isn't the same since you've been ill. Very best wishes, Cliff

  2. God bless and hope for a speedy recovery

  3. Get will soon.We are rooting for you! Your writing is so important and genuine. Be strong and take it light.

  4. Esperamos su pronta recuperación.

    Su información es vital, por motivos de seguridad, real.

    Muchas gracias por su labor informativa. Ánimo.

  5. Dearest kenn,
    I wish you the best and fastest recovery.
    I was checking your site everyday, hoping you were on vacations but thinking something must have happened that you didn't put a note... I am glad the doctors saved you. I missed you.
    Take it easy and all my thoughts are with you, feel better.

  6. Get better fast, Ken. You are priceless.

  7. I had a kidney infection a few years back that would've done the same to me had I let it go a few more days. Leptospirosis is bad news.

  8. i thought you had the flu or something, glad you're going to be ok.

  9. Get well soon, you were missed.

  10. Glad you are back! Prayers for a quick recovery.

  11. Get well soon old chap!

  12. Best wishes, and hoping for a total recovery.

  13. Best wishes for a total recovery.