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April 5, 2016 -- Got kids? 

No, you don't. 

The government has them. 

In an effort to compel women out of the home and into the workforce, Britain's government is coughing up £1bn of taxpayer money to extend pre-schools to ten hours per day. 

• The root of Western culture is the traditional family. 

That root is being ruined by pseudo-feminism which is, in turn, supported by government "education" programs. 

The plains Indians of the America's considered their women property of males. The role of women was to provide labor and serve as sex slaves. These Indian women were not wives. They were squaws. 

Cultural Marxism does the same to Western women. 

By convincing women they are oppressed and objectified by privileged white males, women are mentally manipulated into rejecting their homes to provide labor to support males. 

Meanwhile they are fed a steady mental diet via programming such as Sex in the City in which they learn that being sex slaves to satisfy the lusts of males is — somehow — enlightened, cutting edge freedom. 

• The Western women are not feminists. They are squaws. 

Cultural Marxism teaches us that the plains Indians were an advanced culture because the women owned the herds and owned property. 

What they don't tell us is that the plains Indians hunted bison and had no need for herds. What's more they were somewhat itinerant and had no concept of private property as understood by Western culture. 

• Take my squaw, but don't touch my Mustang

The Indian's most valued possession
was his pony
The only herds kept by the plains Indians were ponies. The males not only owned the ponies, but were avid traders who would barter most anything, including their squaws, for firewater. The one cherished possession that no sober plains Indian male was never known to barter was his beloved pony. 

In the paleolithic existence of the plains Indian, ponies were more valued than squaws. In Western culture liberated males value their automobiles more than women. 

Tragically, both Western men and women fail to grasp the gravity of the strategic destruction of their culture. 


TODDLERS face spending up to 10 hours a day in nurseries under a £1bn government plan to help boost employment among mothers.

A proposal to encourage nurseries to extend opening times from as early as 6am to as late as 8pm will be outlined in a consultation document to be published this week.

The plan is likely to face opposition from experts and campaigners, however, who think disruption to toddlers’ sleep and long hours in daycare could result in emotional and health problems in later life.

The document will invite nurseries and childminders to bid for funds to provide 30 hours a week free childcare for all three and four-year-olds. The provision — double the existing 15 hours — will be available from next autumn.

It is predicted to benefit 600,000 families by up to £2,500 a year each.

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  1. That will give the "shadow islamists" that much more time to indoctrinate your children against the parents.
    Be wary.
    Be afraid.